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May 18, 2010

Boris joins thousands of Londoners and goes potty!

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It’s not every day that you get a buzz from going to work, but I think today definitely counts as one of them!

Today Chief Exec of Garden Organic, Myles Bremner, joined the One Pot Pledge team and our campaign partners, Food up Front, to take to London Bridge to get as many commuters, tourists and passers by to join us in making the One Pot Pledge to grow something edible and delicious this year.

Based outside Pret A Manger on London Bridge, the morning surge of commuters was intense but despite the pressures of needing to get to work within an hour hundreds of people had already taken the opportunity to make the pledge and take away a coffee cup sown with delicious basil seeds in rich organic compost. Some were suited and booted business men, some were sightseers and day trippers and some were ‘ladies that lunch’ but one thing was certain – all of them were chuffed to bits with their reused coffee cups filled with soil, seeds and most of all promise!

And it wasn’t just commuters that dropped by. Rosie Boycott sowed a cup, so did Tristram Stuart, and as well as literally hundreds of eager Londoners – even the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson chipped in with his own contribution from his City Hall office!

All in all it’s been a great day – I hope today’s pledgers got as much out of it as we all did.

Boris Johnson with his One Pot Pledge

May 12, 2010

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Good day to you my pledging chums.

It’s now been over a week since I started my One Pot Pledge and my strawberries are coming up a treat. Or at least I’m sure they would be if I’d actually got round to planting them yet.

I know; I am quite, quite terrible.

I have bought the seeds though… so that’s something I guess. Although I am quite shocked to learn that a strawberry is not just a strawberry. Oh no. There are varieties and everything.

I have got myself an alpine strawberry. Apparently they’re quite a tiny little fruit but extraordinarily flavoursome. Once you’ve grown them, that is. Currently they’d be rather crunchy.

What I have achieved in this time is a lettuce. In a hat! It has rather enjoyed the sunshine over this weekend and has come on a treat. I’ve just got to be careful that I’m not too over-zealous with my watering. As I usually forget it now seems I have compensated for that by attempting to drown the poor little mite.

Maybe one day I’ll find that middle ground.

This weeks jobs:

Buy Seed Compost.


I’ve also been donated some chilli seeds and seed potatoes so they’re going to have to be given a grow.

May 10, 2010

Meeting lots of Lovely One Pot Pledgers!

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Just a quick update to say hi all those new pledgers out there that joined the campaign at the Real Food Festival last weekend. It was fantastic meeting you all and we hope you’ve been looking after your newly acquired seedlings!

We had a great time talking to you about food growing and seeing how excited so many of you were at the prospect of your very own home grown veg. Don’t forget there are tips on how to care for your veggies on the website and do keep us posted by sending in your stories and pictures –

Oh and just to show you how far reaching the campaign is – here’s a pic of Michelin starred chef, Raymond Blanc, making his very own One Pot Pledge!

Renowned chef, Raymond Blanc, makes his own One Pot Pledge

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