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August 13, 2010

First-time grower Matt talks about his one pot veg!

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Dwarf French beans in a recycling bin and old tiling grout container!

Name: Matt Priestley
Age: 25
Location: Coventry

Is this the first time you’ve tried to grow anything edible?
This is the first time I have attempted to grow anything edible other than strawberries, except for growing cress at school.

Why did you decide to have a go? I decided to have a go while working at Gardeners’ World Live. There were a few seeds and pots left over at the end of the week and it seemed a bit hypocritical of me to sign people up for the One Pot Pledge and not try it myself.

What are you growing?
At the moment I have dwarf French Beans growing in pots and some tomatoes and carrots growing in a raised bed.

Have you had any teething problems?
My first problem was trying to find a bigger pot to transfer the beans to when they outgrew their original pot, luckily I had an unused recycling box laying around that worked well for this purpose. My second problem was remembering to water the pots after I had moved them outside, but the regular rain showers saved me!

Have you eaten any of the produce you’ve grown?
So far I have only eaten some of my own lettuce as I decided to eat it before the slugs attacked it!

Have you got a recipe idea to use your One Pot Pledge veg in?
As I cannot cook to save my life I will most likely give the French beans to my mum to be cooked and eaten with my Sunday dinner!

Will you be having a go at growing again?
After finding out how easy it is I will definitely try growing again in the future.

What would you like to try next? Next time I may try growing some winter veg but if I don’t get round to it I will try growing some chillies and peppers next as I know these will get eaten.

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